What I’m doing during this pandemic

Sooo we're in the middle of a pandemic. People are getting sick, the country is semi-quarantined, and many businesses are shut down. The future is as uncertain as ever. 

Right before that, I was in the verge of landing a job I really wanted. I was so sure of it -- I had a bad ass pitch with a value proposition that was impossible to ignore. Unfortunately, the business I pitched to, like so many other businesses, was hit hard by this thing and is no longer in a position to hire any time soon. Just my luck.

I don't know when things will get better, or what the landscape of opportunities will look like once they do. But instead of worrying about that I'm deciding to focus on leveling up my skills to become even more employable.

What am I doing?

In short, I'm learning how to code. I'm taking a beginners course on HTML, CSS and Javascript, made by company called SuperHi. I'm doing this to eventually land a job at a web agency, or wherever a website developer is needed. (My ultimate goal would be to work for WP Buffs as a technician, but don't tell them)

I think I have a good foundation to pick up the skill. I have a lot of experience with WordPress and page builders, and I'm pretty familiar with how HTML and CSS behave. 

Plus it also helps that I found such a great resource in SuperHi. It's so great. Maybe I'll write a full review after I'm done. 


Hello, I'm Erick. I like to write about philosophy, self-development, running, unschooling, podcasts, software tools and digital marketing.