My Favorite Podcast Eps (of This Week)

The Minimalists, "Direction"

I listen to The Minimalists from time to time, but when I saw that TK Coleman guested on this one, I couldn't devour it fast enough. This episode did not disappoint. It was packed with advice that was very pertinent to me, as I often feel directionless. This episode calmed my fear over feeling directionless by putting it into perspective.  

One piece of advice that I implemented as a result of this episode is Joshua's idea of using "simple triggers" to create a new habit. Like him, I'm also doing pull-ups every time I pass by my pull-up bar.

Here's a short clip in which TK explains why we sometimes can't motivate ourselves to do what we love:

This is an interview Sam Harris conducted with serial entrepreneur Andrew Yang, who is actually running for president in 2020. I've heard a bit about UBI in the past but I never took it seriously; I thought implementing it would immediately lead to disaster. Now I'm not so sure. Yang is proposing a policy in which everyone would get 1k a month. I'm still against the idea on moral grounds, but this episode made me realize that this is not such a ridiculous idea compared to what the government is doing right now in terms of welfare, and it could be pulled off fairly easily. 

It also had me thinking that what AI is doing to the workforce is unlike the industrial revolution and that there won't be a solution other than UBI. Maybe.

This podcast always makes me happy. Just a bunch of singing and silliness. This is a podcast where the two hosts and the guest improvise a whole musical. Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds. This episode had Eugene Cordero, who is one of my favorite improvisers. Not much else to say about this. Just listen to it if ever you feel like smiling. 

Here's a clip after they're done with the main story and do a fun little rap involving working out and the alphabet:

This is a podcast that I just discovered. I listened to all episodes in one day. They were all so interesting to me, covering topics from dating apps to extraterrestrial life. For such short episodes the host, Derek Thompson was able to pack it with so much information. I really liked how he approached the same topics from multiple angles, giving us a nuanced perspective: not too optimistic and not too pessimistic. 

I had to choose one episode but I highly recommend the rest. Listen to "Why Haven't We Found Aliens?" if you want to get your mind blown. 


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