The Podcast Wanderer

On March I listened to 73 episodes from 45 different podcasts. Many of those shows were new to me, and there’s a good chance I won’t come back to many of them again. That’s not because those shows were bad — It’s simply because only one particular episode intrigued me, so I already got what I wanted from them.  

I like to think of myself as a “podcast wanderer.” This is a term I came up with to describe people who listen to standalone episodes from many different podcasts.

(I also considered “podcast nomad” or “nomad listener” but right now I like “wanderer” because of the song by Dion which describes the way I treat podcasts so well)

I’m much like Dion, but instead of being capricious towards women, it’s towards podcasts.

Where an episode comes from does not matter to me. What matters are the topics discussed or who the guests are. That’s why I’m not very loyal to any particular podcast.

I think sticking to a few shows increases the chances that I’ll listen to mediocre episodes. Or, if not mediocre, then episodes that I’m just not that interested in. So I jump from podcast to podcast to maximize my enjoyment.

Of course, that’s not the case with story-based shows which are meant to be fully consumed. I’m talking about the majority of podcasts that are standalone interviews.

I wonder how many people treat podcasts the way I do. Are you one of them?

Right now, there are many companies in the podcast industry, whether it’s an app or a site, that are focused on helping me discover new shows. However, not many are focused on helping me discover specific episodes!

I think there’s a missed opportunity there.

Edit: to try and fill this need in my own little way, I’ve decided to create a Twitter account that helps people find good episodes. It’s called The Podcast Wanderer. Follow me there if you like!


Hello, I'm Erick. I like to write about philosophy, self-development, running, unschooling, podcasts, software tools and digital marketing.

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