People Love To Criticize

Just go to any comments section of any piece of work and you'll find someone saying how they don't like it. This is true of even the most beloved pieces of work that have stood the test of time. Just think of your favorite book, movie or song and I can immediately find you someone that is unimpressed by it.

I mention this because it's important to know that criticism is something no one person who wants to do great things can avoid. Anything that you will create will be bad to at least one other person, so there's no point in trying to avoid it. 

Remember that most people who criticize don't know what it's like to have created something they deeply care about. If they did, then they would empathize with the creator and refrain from writing that unproductive or mean-spirited comment. 

Those kind of people aren't the ones you want to listen to anyway, so just ignore them. And think of them as a symbol that you are putting something that matters out in the world. 

This post was inspired by this awesome post by T.K. Coleman.


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