Forget About Rewards – Do Things For Their Own Sake

Every once in a while I get in a mood where I don't feel like doing anything. Take writing a product review for my other website for example. In those blue moments I'm thinking things like "what if no one will read it?" or "what if I get outcompeted by other more established sites?"

Those things would mean that my effort would have been for nothing. That is a very possible thing that could happen and it has been one of my greatest mental obstacles, not only in writing but in virtually everything else. 

This is just irrational - I'm basically demanding a guarantee of results before I go out and do something, when we all know that nothing in life can be guaranteed. 

I need to change my attitude on this.

I think one cure for this mental obstacle is to not care about the result in the first place. I've noticed that the people who become successful are the people who enjoy the process more than they enjoy the reward. You can see this very clearly with all NBA players - even if they didn't make any money out of it, you can tell that they'd still keep playing basketball in their free time. 

Just like them I need to learn to love the process way more than the reward. I can already see this manifested with some things in my life: playing basketball, running, blogging and other things I can't think of right now. It may be that it is not possible for me to learn to love writing product reviews, in which case I'll have to move on to something else. But I do think it's possible to learn to love even the most mundane job, you just have to get creative. 

My goal is to eventually have everything I do be something I'd do even if there was no reward. Because the more my days are filled with that, the more fulfilling a life I will have.  


Hello, I'm Erick. I like to write about philosophy, self-development, running, unschooling, podcasts, software tools and digital marketing.