Christians and I

Here's something that has happened a few times: I meet someone who is exceptionally friendly and helpful to me, then later on I find out that they are a devout Christian. 

By devout Christian I mean people that genuinely think about God every day, which you can see through the conversations they have or the stuff they post online. They go to church every Sunday and listen to lots of Christian music.

Even though I'm an atheist, I think that I've grown to have a bias towards Christians. In many ways I feel "safer" around them. For example, I feel more comfortable talking to them than I do talking to atheists.

Perhaps because I feel less judged, or because they don't seem to worry about small stuff. 

It’s probably also because I hold a lot of the same values that they do: I'm not judgmental, I don't like swearing, I don't like tattoos and drugs, I strongly believe in the importance of tradition and having a strong nuclear family, and more.

The important thing I'm missing is the belief in God. 

It's too bad I don't see myself ever changing in that respect. 

This leads me to a tragic predicament, which is that I love hardcore Christians but because I'm an atheist,  I don't think a close friendship or relationship is possible. But who knows, maybe things will change. 


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