Our Thoughts Are More Interesting Than They Think

The thoughts that go on inside your brain are complex and nuanced. So much so that they don’t belong in the real world. To take them out to the real world, you have to re-package them with limiting tools — i.e., language and your ability to wield it. This inevitably leaves out some of the meaning behind your original thought. And it’s often forgotten.

I believe everyone has interesting thoughts daily. Thoughts that are relatively unique. And perhaps helpful, if only they are able to capture them intact.

The problem is that the more you allow these elusive thoughts to slip by, the less you start to notice them. They become white noise.

The skill of capturing and articulating your thoughts has asymmetrical benefits. Both in your personal and professional life. Not to mention it makes you so much more interesting. It’s like there’s a superpower inside of you and it’s waiting to be ignited.

To ignite it, you have to make it a habit to write down your thoughts. Practice getting on paper what is in your mind. Over time you’ll get better and better at articulating it. Understand that it’ll never be an exact copy.

The authors and speakers you admire don’t have a special talent, they just had tons of practice doing this.

This idea was inspired while listening to this amazing speech by David Foster Wallace. His ability to articulate his thoughts is unparalleled.

The secret to having something interesting to say is to get used to saying things.

Recently I was having a conversation about the benefits I’ve experienced by blogging. When I encouraged this person to try it, I was met with this point:

“You may have interesting things to say, but I don’t.”

I have to say that this statement has it backwards. You see, when I started blogging it was to discover what I had to say, not to release some ideas that I already had. And let me tell you, since I started blogging I’ve discovered a lot about what I had to say. For example, because of this blog I discovered my passion for alternative education for children.

What I’ve learned through blogging is that creativity is a muscle which you can cultivate. All you need is one little spark and you’ll be able to create endlessly. And this spark can be found in anything you consume: books, movies, shows etc. You can write down the most basic idea that pops into your head and over time you’ll become better at finding more unique ideas.

Have you ever heard the quote “necessity is the mother of invention?” Well, that’s also true when it comes to blogging. Necessity forces you to be creative and think of things to write about. When you tell yourself that you are going to start blogging and actually set up that blog, your mind will find something.

This is how this post got created by the way. A few hours ago I told myself “I’m going to write and ship something for today” and it caused me to a) come up with this topic and b) figure out how to convey such an idea.

Because I’ve gotten into the habit of writing and publishing my thoughts, I’ve become more receptive to the random thoughts in my head, causing a never ending feedback loop.

Another thing is that blogging caused me to write things down as they come to me. This taught me that if you get in the habit of taking notes, your brain will naturally find noteworthy things.

I wish more people did this. Playing with ideas is fun and I think people underestimate their ability to do that.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t started a blog, just try it. You’ll realize that there’s more going on in your head than you think.