How to automatically send your subscription newsletters to your Kindle

 I don’t know about you but I hate reading long pieces of text on my computer. If something is going to take me more than 6 minutes to read then I rather be laid back on the couch, with a distraction-free reading device on one hand and (ideally) a cup of coffee on the other.  I knew there was a solution for sending online articles straight to my Kindle — there’s a chrome extension for that — but finding a way to do …

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Breaking Smart Notes # 4

Name of Essay: Purist Versus PragmatistsThere are two approaches to technology:PuristNot agile. Precious about the way things should be. Careful about keeping technology pure. Mixing and matching is not welcome. Start complex.Pragmatist  Agile. Not precious about the way things should be. Leave out what doesn’t work. Mixing and matching is welcome. Start simple.creativeIn the late 90s there were passionate debates about browsers and the future of the internet. There were purists that didn’t like the messy way in which the browser was developing. Pragmatists saw the browser …

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Breaking Smart Notes # 3

Name of Essay: Towards a Mass FlourishingThese essays are not about answering ‘what’ or ‘when’ — they are about explaining ‘how’instead of trying to predict the future, and therefore limiting ourselves, we need to have a hacker ethos.trying to predict the future is of a “pastoral mindset.” It causes us to be attached to a ‘what’ and ‘when’ which is costly if we’re wrong.Inventing the future is easier than predicting it.Small teams are better than corporations. “Small enough to be fed by …

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Breaking Smart Notes # 2

Name of essay: Getting ReorientedSoftware is eating the world. We underestimate the increasing power of software.  4 Reasons why. First 3 are not unique to this software era.Technological change unfolds exponentially (like compound interest) — we overestimate the effect of technology in the short run and underestimate in the long run.During the transition, it gets chaotic. We shift our attention from the quiet change to the economic crises, political affairs and apocalyptic fears. Impact of software appears in disguised form. i.e. drones appear to be …

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Breaking Smart Notes # 1

Name of Essay: A New Soft TechnologySoftware started blowing up around the year 2000. It existed before, but it was mostly used to solve problems of the industrial age rather than to explore possibilities. “After written language and money, software is only the third major soft technology to appear in human civilization.” Soft technology: an innovation that can be used in a variety of physical forms.think of money – it can be embodied in credit cards, checks, paper, coins, precious metals.similarly, software can be …

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Pocket Casts: My Favorite Podcast App

When the podcast industry was at its infancy, you had to go through the iTunes music app in order to subscribe to podcasts. Now that the podcast industry has blown up, there are many ways you could listen to podcasts. If you go to your app store and search for “podcast,” what you’ll see is a seemingly never ending list of options. On top of that there are things like Spotify or Soundcloud. Even video recordings on YouTube are becoming popular.  Over the years …

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