The Case For Being An Uninformed Citizen

How much of your time do you spend thinking about politics?  Me? I’m ashamed to say how much time I spent listening to political podcasts and YouTube channels in the past few years. I thought it would make me a respectable person who could hold conversations at cocktail parties. But I was just kidding myself – I don’t even like drinking.  For some time I actually thought having that type of knowledge was important. I often agreed when people said that “the government affects …

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My Moral Philosophy

Intuitively, we understand that if we can get the same results with either violence or non-violence, then the method of non-violence is infinitely more moral. To clarify, here are some examples of goals and how they can be met with and without violence:Getting a girl –  I can kidnap one and trap her in a well Buffalo Bill style, OR I can make myself appealing, ask her out, and allow her to voluntarily choose to be with me.Getting a kid to do …

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