Some Thoughts On Immigration And Stefan Molyneux

I want to air my thoughts on something that's been bothering me. It has to do with this tweet (and many others like it) by Stefan.

I find that kind of tweet to be unprincipled and manipulative. The argument behind it is this: "If DACA didn't get passed, that child would have never been molested, therefore DACA is bad." While the premise is true, it is not a good reason in and of itself to criminalize people who qualify as DACA recipients. For starters, the alleged molester would have probably done that crime elsewhere, but let's ignore that.

Let's say Bob is stopped and caught holding a stash of weed but the cop lets him go because marijuana was just legalized. Later that day, Bob murders someone. Now, wouldn't it be manipulative if I use this story to convince/scare people into supporting drug laws? And what if I showed you a correlation of people who smoke weed and commit crimes? Would I then be justified in criminalizing stoners? 

I think it would be wrong for me to do that. Even if weed was illegal, I think you should cheer that the cop didn't enforce such a backwards law. While it's tragic that a person got murdered, it is illogical to dwell on the things that could have coincidentally prevented it. 

Now let me clarify that I'm not fully supporting the abolishment of all immigration laws. I'm actually still making up my mind on that. I'm just using that counterexample to show that that particular argument is an invalid one. There may be good arguments for deportation of dreamers but that is not one.

I also want to express my disappointment that Stefan is pushing that type of sophistry. Either Stefan knows this flaw in his argument or he doesn't care because he wants to push an agenda. Knowing how smart he is I'm willing to bet on the latter.

And this is not the only type of argument in which he should know better. He has also argued against immigration for the reason that it would lower wages. That is the exact same argument for minimum wage which I know he is against. Those two arguments ignore the fact that companies will simply take their jobs overseas if they can't get low enough wages here, causing even more unemployment.

Another occation that really bothered me was when he dismissed a person on twitter by pointing out the lack of followers that the person had. These kind of low blows feel out of character compared to the way he used to be. At least I don't remember him being that way.

I've been listening to Stefan since 2011. He taught me almost everything I know in philosophy, which is why this change from him has really bothered me. 

I know he's just trying to win by any means necessary. Maybe he's justified in doing all of that because it gets him more power to do what he thinks is good. Because trolling and making flawed but catchy arguments attracts a bigger audience, and a bigger audience means bigger influence. I'm not so sure if that influence is a good thing though. Currently I'm more inclined to say that he is doing his audience a disservice by manipulating them with logical fallacies and passing it off as philosophy.



There are many reasons why I always liked basketball. One big reason is that it has a low barrier for getting involved: all you need is a ball and a hoop, plus you can play alone or with as many people as you want.

One less obvious, but I think more important, reason is because it cultivates individualism. Every player is empowered to change the course of a game. This power is not dictated by what position one plays. In football we clearly see that it is the quarterback who has the most power to affect the game. In this way, individual merit matters a lot less, because you can be the best kicker in the world and you will hardly get credit for a win compared to the quarterback. 

Basketball also cultivates individualism because it's a lot easier to identify each player along with his emotions. As an audience member, this lets you further appreciate the player as a person rather than as a pawn in a game. This is very different from covering him with so much gear and putting him far in the middle of a gigantic stadium, where it's hard to distinguish him from others let alone see what he is feeling. 

Also, I don't have the hard evidence to back it up right now, but it seems that the NFL is more strict with how the players can express themselves. How often do you see NFL players wearing ridiculous clothes compared to NBA players? 

To put it simply, it seems to me that the NBA is marketed a lot better than the NFL. They know individualism is what sells. 

So it will come to no surprise to me if there comes a day when the NBA surpasses the NFL as the most popular American sport. 

Stepping Onto The World Stage, Me

Stepping Onto The World Stage, Me

So It’s been about a year since I’ve set up this blog of mine and I’ve yet to post anything.

The main reason of why I’ve struggled to put anything on here is because I have severe anxiety. Basically I’m afraid to put my thoughts and feelings into the world and potentially being judged for them. There is a lot to say as to why I feel this way, which will have to be a topic for a future post.

So why do I want to publicly write about my thoughts and feelings if I am afraid of doing so?

Well, precisely because I don’t want to be afraid anymore. I want to finally feel free to express my true self (though first I have to do some digging to see who my true self is). I think confronting it in the form of a public blog is a great way to work towards that goal. Even if no one sees my writing, as a person with constant self-censorship in his system, this is a big step for me.

Besides that, there are so many benefits to writing a blog. Benefits which include:

  • Putting my thoughts out will allow people that think alike to find me, thus creating the kind of relationships I want to create. This might also weed out the kind of people I don’t want in my life.
  • Developing writing skills and creativity
  • Finding my voice / learning about myself
  • Documenting my progress in life
  • Building a good habit
  • Gaining confidence in myself

So obviously there are many benefits, but just for the purpose of analysis I’ll list my potential hindrances:

  • I could say the “wrong” thing and be crucified by the internet Justine Sacco style
  • Since I plan on being personal and honest, I will be more vulnerable
  • My beliefs will be out in the open and I may be ostracized by groups that dislike them, including potential employers

That’s all I can think of right now though I’m sure there are more.

Anyway, I understand that this is a double-edged sword. After thinking about this long and hard, I am confident that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Besides, I think that privacy is dead in this age and this blog is at least a way to control my “image.”