Hi, I'm Erick Muller.

This is my digital playground. Welcome!

I can be found on Twitter and Instagram. My Spotify playlist of my favorite songs is here. I like to publicly document pretty much every piece of media I consume. You can see it all here

A Few Details About Me

  • I was born in Mexico. I lived there for the first 11 years of my life until my parents decided to move to the states. Since then, I've lived in Minnesota, North Dakota, and now Texas. 
  • After 3 years in college I decided to drop out because I couldn't face doing something I wasn't passionate about any longer. I decided to stop forcing it and I left to create something of value, specifically an online business. 
  • In 2015 I created an affiliate website called Smart Archery, where I reviewed hunting gear. I found some success with it, consistently attracting over 3,000 monthly visits. After two and a half years I sold it and moved on. 
  • Since Smart Archery, I've done some freelance writing and web design as I search for my next step career-wise.
  • I got into running at the end of 2017. Now I'm an aspiring ultra-marathon runner.

Favorite blog posts of mine

Hobbies and Interests

I'm interested in philosophy, self-development, self-tracking, running, unschooling, peaceful parenting, podcasts, software tools and digital marketing. 

My hobbies include writing, running, playing and watching basketball, and reading (though most of the books I consume are audiobooks).

Mission and Values

I'm a proponent of self-directed learning. My big-picture goal is to liberate people, including myself, from the tragic idea that the only way to learn about the world is by confining ourselves in classrooms and receiving information detached from meaning. I think we should all strive to be life-long learners. With this blog, I intend to lead by example by learning out loud.

I try my best to live under the principle of charity. This means that I try to be as charitable as possible when interpreting a person's words, actions, and beliefs. 

I value truth and honesty above everything. I'm heavily influenced by Sam Harris' book called Lying. 

Favorite Things

Movies - Hereditary, Interstellar, Your Name

Books - Nonviolent Communication, The Sunset Limited, Lying

Shows - Gilmore Girls, How I Met Your Mother, Breaking Bad

Podcasts - Comedy Bang Bang, Teacher's Lounge, Office Hours

Music - Here's a playlist of my all-time favorite songs. And here's what I'm listening to in 2020.

Words - sublime and juggernaut

Contact Me

If you want to interact with me, here's my email: hello@erickmuller.com

You can also text me at this number or through my Telegram (my favorite IM app)


I have a weekly newsletter called "The Wonderer." It's where I share the cool things (podcasts, articles, software tools, life-hacks etc.) I've discovered plus an in depth look on a particular topic. The topic is usually related to startups and technology!